Simone Wellbrock, Lord Of The Flies, mixed media, frame: jute

I actually paint or draw mainly (mixed media) and create woven articles. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree and am currently working on a collection of portraits of individuals living with poverty (mainly ink drawings). Through this I focus on looking into the faces of these individuals, and noticing that real people are hiding behind the label “poor”. I weave the frames for these portraits (using Macrame techniques), because I’m interested in the art of handcrafts and the process of working with our hands, which in our performance driven system is loosing it’s value.

I see a connection between unemployment and humiliation on one side and mass production on the other. I’ve been to Romania several times with the charity Open Hands and there you meet many people who were once able to make a living through their independently produced items and crafts.



Simone Wellbrock, No Title, ink on paper, frames:jute


Simone Wellbrock, Working Hard, Every Day, mixed media


Simone Wellbrock, My Name Is Not Poverty, mixed media, frame:jute


Simone Wellbrock, Modern Times, mixed media


Simone Wellbrock, Inside me the wind howls, mixed media, 100 x 120 cm

Please, let me dream for a while

Simone Wellbrock, Please, let me dream for a while, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

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